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CJECJE Logistics

Marketing Consultancy, e-newsletters, e-blasts, PR, positioning, direct marketing, marketing strategy.

“As the MD of a busy haulage company one of my objectives is to maintain our brand position in the market, whilst also moving with the times as far as technology goes. We had an issue in the business in that we a) had no formal marketing activity that fit with our budget and goals and b) had a lot of disparate data and systems that simply were not being exploited to our advantage. After meeting with several marketing agencies in Hull to ask their view on how I could grow my business and image, I settled on Alison as her approach was completely different. She came into CJE with a lot of experience as far as systems and the inherent link with marketing goes, and I was impressed with how she picked up on the gaps we were immediately missing. She isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty and spent no time harvesting the data from our CRM/E-mail/Website/Accounts/Haulage software, then very cleverly and strategically pushed this to the right channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and e-mail marketing using a leading edge product called Mailchimp. She also has web skills so was able to make subtle changes to our site to achieve our objectives and budgets. In addition to this Alison also has a good handle on people, empowering us to take control of our own social media, encouraging us to be creative when it comes to ideas, and has a special talent of taking my ideas as regards staff and customers and bringing them to life. We now send out our own regular professional newsletters and promotions, are regular users of LinkedIn, and have generated direct business as a result of the application of our new knowledge. Alison has completed a whole host of other projects for the company, including customer perception and staff perception research, and her hands-on approach and personality means she is able to directly relate this to our brand, identifying our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, so that we are able to remain pro-active. I can also use this information at a high level which is invaluable to my business. She also has a great network of carefully selected partners for elements such as graphics, photography, film and research, which means that all different kinds of projects are completely professionally and on-time. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her, she fits in with the team really well, and I look forward to more projects in the coming months relating to our CRM system, deeper mentoring on Twitter and a whole host of other challenges I can throw at her!.” 

Personal Trainer HullVisibiliTy

Marketing Consultancy, Website development, e-newsletters, e-blasts, PR, positioning, direct marketing, marketing strategy, corporate films (with Mike Craft of MJC Entertainments), events, (brand elements with graphic artist Mark Foulger).

Alison is an essential member of our team. As a General Manager it's vital I can concentrate on running the business, only through selecting the right partners and developing strong relationships can this be achieved. InteliTap is a very dynamic organisation that is constantly growing and Alison consistently manages to understand our culture, products and services and strategic considerations in way that always achieves our marketing goals. From being responsible for re-branding the company in a way that clearly and creatively describes our offerings to a very complex marketplace to organising key marketing events and exhibitions, Alison’s input has proven invaluable time after time. Andy Dorr, General Manager.

Personal Trainer HullArthur St Trading Company

Website design and development, Marketing Consultancy, PR, positioning, Search engine optimisation, retail marketing consultancy.

"Arthur Street Trading Company Ltd is a workers Co-operative that has been in existance for nearly ten years now and all through this time we have lacked the essential ingredient that all businesses need to succeed - a good marketing person!. Alison got in touch with us initially as a customer, and started asking the kinds of questions that made us feel more confident about what we do and why and how we do it. She is a conscientious consumer, like a lot of people locally, and wanted to know how we dealt with issues such as food miles and local produce, and what advantages our box scheme had over buying organic produce from the supermarket. We knew we simply weren't making the most of our opportunities to get our message across and realised that we needed someone with knowledge and expertise to broaden our product range and accessibility and hopefully spread the news that in Hull we have people and businesses that truly care about sustainability and the environment. Alison has and continues to be a catalyst for so many good things that bear fruit for our organisation. " Graham Brookes, Director.

WedgeWelly Designer Funky WellingtonsWedgeWelly Ltd - With Jo Hunter as CHIX Marketing Associates.

I handled the PR Campaign to launch the designer wellingtons in the UK, and deliver ongoing PR support projects to grow the brand. Media coverage secured on national & local TV, Radio and Press including Look, Celebrity endorsements, stylist championing.

CHIX have delivered several projects for WedgeWelly since we started the company two years ago. They helped propel our brand in to the media, celebrity world and retail arena, and have continued to help us grow the brand. The support has been invaluable. They act as our 'Messengers' and understand the way our company works. The service is really personal, but highly professional at the same time. Fun is a big necessity when working for WedgeWelly, and Ali & Jo (The CHIX) fit in well - they act as part of our extended family during projects, and fit with our culture, which is exactly what we need. Fashion is a complex market and the CHIX have a special way of tapping into it. As a result of their hard work we have been featured on national TV and radio, have received coverage in both trade press and fashion magazines, have added lots of celebrities as fans of our WedgeWelly wellingtons, and secured contracts with on and offline retailers. " Sarah Longthorn AKA The WISE One (MD).


Marketing consultancy including PR, web development of loyalty portal with Suzy Leusby, branding, strategy, training, merchandise, graphics (brand elements with graphic artist Mark Foulger).

Alison was a key driver behind our revamped TRUST & Loyaltips Loyalty programme in the US. She is a great cultural fit with our teams on both sides of the Atlantic and provides web orientated marketing support (including working with our development team) as well as PR & user training for our employees. She brings my ideas to life, adding her own unique value on the way. Jon Quinn, Chief Commercial Officer.

Norprint Ltd & Magnadata International

Marketing Consultancy
, e-newsletters, PR, positioning, article placement.


I have known Alison approximately 3 years, meeting for the first time in 2007, where I needed some external expertise to take my then employers company to market and increase our customer profile.

Alison is a keen level headed person, who I found to be quick at picking up on the areas I wanted to target and expanding my ideas and making them happen. The self adhesive label market has many competitors and we were able to give the market place a positive edge.

I have since moved on to a far bigger challenge in a label company 3 times the size and with greater potential to offer the market some extraordinary products. Part of my team in this challenge is Alison.

Our project to take this company to market with tremendous ideals has started and I look forward to the success I know Alison will help bring. Andrew Mansfield, Sales Director.

Banana Moon

HTML Website training including e-newsletter training, interactive knowledge sharing.

“I always really wanted to understand how the internet worked and how people put things live on the internet. As a marketing director I felt this was really important in improving reaction times to getting campaigns up and running a lot more quickly. I had a few training sessions with Alison and was able to go from having no web knowledge, to being able to change a large range of website design and content. Alison is extremely professional and always made the sessions fun and interesting. She made sure I was learning through taking notes from her expertise but also working practically on the programmes at the same time. The notes come in really handy now if ever I forget something.

Alison listened to our business needs in depth and really seemed to understand what we were looking for to give us the most benefit in the time we had with her. Any practical training done was always to satisfy a need of our actual website rather than a generic training example. I currently change aspects of our website every day, whether it is a new graphics banner for our home page or updating product information. I also now send out a really nice looking e-mail newsletter to around 4,000 customers every 2 weeks, which has proved very worthwhile.

The key values of the training come from not having to pay the high hourly rate fees of web developers, but also the ability to make a change instantly within a matter of minutes without having to contact our web developer to make adjustments and then the waiting times that come with it. This has brought a lot more control back into the company, dispelling the myths that web development is only for the professionals.

All in all I would recommend Alison’s service to absolutely anyone who wants to become more proactive in their marketing efforts or who simply want to understand how the internet works and update the content on it. It will not only benefit the company you work for, but help you to further develop your skill set in the long term as online development continues to grow and grow.” Alex Grace, Marketing Director.

Sailors Families Society

Website HTML & graphic training, knowledge sharing, website development & design including dynamic forum with Suzy Leusby.

"Thank you so much for the work you have put in to designing our website. Everyone, from the Trustees to all the staff here that participated in the project, are really pleased with the results. to I was most impressed how you managed to stick to our budget, yet at the same time include items in our wish list . Following the excellent training you gave to Leah, she is already badgering us to come up with news and copy for other sections to keep the site up to date and alive. "Ian Scott, General Secretary

"The first draft of the website needed only minor changes as Alison had done such a wonderful job at listening to what we had to say and working with us to achieve the end result. We thought changing to a new site would be a bit of a headache. Alison proved this doesn't always have to be the case, she showed patience and understanding throughout the whole process. Alison demonstrated the same qualities when it came to training me to maintain the site. She conveyed the information in a very clear and concise manner and made me feel like I could ask anything at any time if I didn't grasp it first. All in all I thoroughly enjoyed my training and am really looking forward to working on the new site. Thanks to Alison our new site looks 1000 times better than it did and has brought our charity in line with some of the other bigger names out there giving us a better chance of gaining support. It is fun, colourful and easy to navigate - and has everything we asked for and more. Alison has been extremely professional at all times and I would have no hesitation in recommending her services "
Leah Cole


Website development & design.

Alison helped Think InsideOut, a professional strategic coaching firm, create an image for itself, based solely on a logo. The process was easy, quick and cost effective.  Think-IO was up and running in just 30 days. The website tied into social media outlets for a dynamic, updated presence.  We received great feedback from customers on the look, feel and messaging.  We will let our website speak for itself! We could not be more excited about our site and could not recommend Alison Wileman more highly. Hollen Ferrendelli, Founder/Strategic Coach, Think InsideOut

Inscite Partners

Website development & design.

Alison Wileman redesigned Inscite Partner’s website to accurately reflect the image and message we want to convey to the market.  We are a niche consulting firm and rely heavily on our website to communicate our vision and process to prospective customers.  Working with Alison was easy and efficient and she translated our directions and comments into a dynamic web presence.  Because of the great experience we had in working with Alison, Inscite lists Alison on our partner page and highly recommend her to our clients who need online services. Tony Ferrendelli, Partner, Inscite Partners

Personal Trainer HullKingsway Kiosks &

Website development & design, marketing consultancy.

“Alison has been superb. Unlike many agencies that specialise in either web design or marketing, her skills as a web designer are equalled by her marketing expertise. She has helped me to not only develop ‘’ but also market the site online, ensuring that tourists can see what our town really has to offer" Andy McCluskey, Owner. Read the case study.

Personal Trainer HullMarstons Plc
Websites, E-marketing, direct marketing, PR
"Alison enabled some of our pubs to excel, in an ever changing and challenging climate, and often on modest budgets. Her experience of the local area combined with her brewing industry background has helped these pubs to achieve great things - from winning awards, to increasing customer loyalty by introducing forward thinking technologies such as e-mail and SMS communications." Howard Morgan, Business Development Manager.

Wild Bride Ltd With Jo Hunter as CHIX Marketing Associates.

Website training, HTML & e-blast training, knowledge sharing, content writing.


HTML Training

We asked Alison to design a bespoke training package for our company in order for us optimise our newly launched website. After a couple of consultations, Alison came up with a proposed training schedule that fit around my current work commitments, covered all of our required elements and even some extra items!

When it came to the training, Alison conveyed the information in a very clear and concise manner and made me feel like I could ask anything at any time if I didn’t grasp it at first. As well as the training Alison was always on hand for any extra support or questions that I had, which was invaluable at the time. I really enjoyed my training with Alison.

Alison was extremely professional and positive at all times, and I would have no hesitation in recommending her services.

Content Project for Wildbride Ltd

We asked Alison to assist us with writing the content for our website. After proving Alison with images and some different articles and information, we worked with Alison over a period of months to ensure that we got the right “feel” for our website.

The first draft of the website only required a few minor changes and tweaks as Alison had listened carefully to us as to how we wanted the content writing. Alison also advised us on work she had done for other companies that had worked, and so was able to make suggestions to improve and enhance our website to ensure it had the best impact. Babs Milaszkiewicz, Marketing.

Personal Trainer HullTWS Personal Training
Website design and development, Marketing Consultancy, e-newsletters, e-blasts, PR, positioning, Search engine optimisation, direct marketing.

Quite simply, Alison was a revelation when setting up the business, from the initial assistance in creating and fulfilling my vision for the website look and feel, through to helping launch the company using poignant and well written PR which the local media and radio stations picked up and used to my advantage. This successfully generated business, some of which remains to this day.

With great experience in how to create a website that worked for both me and my clients, it consistently gains high rankings in search engines. Alison provided her knowledge and expertise to ensure I used the correct keywords and created other tools that help to drive the business and rankings, such as my blog, Twitter or Facebook for example.

I found Alison to be extremely good at combining the internet with traditional marketing techniques to deliver genuine results for the business. Have I mentioned that i continue to use the training Alison provided to update and constantly change my own website? This has been absolutely invaluable, very cost effective and essential for the competitive and dynamic environment in which I work.
Thanks Alison! Steve Wileman, Founder.

Phoenix Gas & Plumbing
Website design, marketing consultancy
Alison was a major influence on our company when it was first incorporated, giving us not only her services on marketing and website design but was keen to share her wealth of knowledge on business strategy and offered a personal touch that has been difficult to find. When we approached Alison with interest of launching a website she came to us, at a time to suit our needs. We gave Alison a basic idea of our business and she took this info and created an image of a long established, professional organisation, finding and designing our logo we still have to this day. She took our basic information and sourced vast amounts of reference material as well as lots of images for the finished design. I would estimate 90% of the ideas used, came from Alison's hard research. As well as her dedication to us when we needed the website building she offered her skills updating and fine tuning the product which couldn't have been done with our limited I.T knowledge. A professional job done by a competent professional person.