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A cost effective way of keeping in touch with your customers, e-communications such as regular newsletters and e-blasts, often yield great results.

They are also easy to bring in-house, if you want to send your own. With a nice template and a small amount of website training, you could be up and running in less than a day.

E-communications are really useful if you want to send traffic to your website or create another call to action, and they can also position your company in a very professional way.

Below are a few questions I am often asked:

I struggle to find content for my newsletters, how can I make them effective?
This is a concern for lots of clients. The saying that most of us have a 'good book' in us applies to newsletter content too. An easy strategy is to just chat with me for 30 mins, I sometimes know which questions to ask in order to get you talking and 99% of the time I come away with more valuable content than is possible to fit on one newsletter!. It's often easier for someone outside of your organisation to help you discover newsworthy and important content to tell your customers. So things that don't seem that fascinating to you, can mean a lot to your readers and really help strengthen your brand.

I'm so busy I don't have time to write content
The answer to that is simple - I can write it for you!. each newsletter usually takes less than a couple of hours to craft, once we have a nice format designed and agreed on.

I don't have the budget to send out a newsletter every quarter or month.
As I just mentioned above - newsletters don't take that long to produce. If you are linking the newsletter to your website this can take slightly more time if it is a new product, but in reality, I feel that weighing up the costs and benefits usually results in a positive return on investment. Also if you have someone internally that could action it for you, why not invest in some website training - becoming proficient in e-newsletters can often be accomplished in a day or two - read the Bananamoon testimonial here.

Won't my newsletters just be classed as SPAM?
A good question. I feel that if you communicating interesting content with people that buy from you, or might consider buying from you, at an interval that fits your audience in the most optimal way possible, you will achieve positive results. Of course you can't please everyone, but that's why the way I work means contacts can unsubscribe automatically at any time. I'm big on data, it is your friend, and protecting it and ensuring you gather it carefully, is another secret to success here.

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